All Natural Dog Soap And Candles And Salves
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Group of All Natural Dog Soaps

You're Gonna LOVE This Stuff!

Our # 1 goal is the health and happiness of your furry friends...
and you!


Our amazing soaps, salves and candles are crafted by hand using only the finest ingredients. Everything we make is free of toxins, pesticides, or petroleum-based products.

Stop Poisoning Your Dog!
(Don't worry - we'll help)

All Natural Candle Tins picture



Our All Natural Beeswax Candles promote a healthy home environment by emitting beneficial 'negative ions'.

Clear your head and your home and let these miracle of beeswax 'clean' your space. Great for removing that stinky dog aroma!


All Natural Dog Salve!

All Natural Dog Salve

Our wonderful salves are formulated specifically for the needs of your dogs.

Check out all our formulations. You're certain to find just the right salve for your dog's particular issues.

~ OR ~

Have us make a custom salve just for you!




Healing Hemp Soap

Healing Hemp & Honey Soap

Ahhh Hemp. Used for centuries for it's healing abilities, this oil is super in dog soap. It is the driest of the oils, so it penetrates the skin quickly, bringing much needed relief to many a dog. This soap is a wonderful blend of oils including palm, canola, coconut, castor, olive, and hemp seed oil. It also contains fresh goats milk, ground chamomile and calendula petals, as well as an organic sweet dreams herbal blend and yummy blackberry honey.
What a fantastic combination!

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